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Your Experience

  • An extremely well run and resourced drop zone, perfect place to begin and develop as a skydiver The staff are extremely friendly and provide a relaxed atmosphere which helps put students (who are naturally nervous) at ease and ensures a good learning environment. Their level of professionalism inspires confidence and the approachable nature makes sure students are happy to ask questions where needed, so that they never go wanting, or feel ill informed about the task at hand. A well resourced drop zone, with staff and equipment in plentiful supply, and being blessed with excellent jumping weather most of the year round, this is the ideal place to go and learn how to jump out of planes. After an informative ground school, covering both the theory and practical elements of skydiving, students are quickly able to get up in the sky, and can progress through the AFF levels in a few short days, and with consolidation jumps, it's possible to achieve an A licence in a week or so. This quick turnaround allows students to grow in confidence and experience very fast, but they are still kept under the watchful eyes of the instructors who will give hints and advice over coffees and chats while hanging out in the sunshine. Once the initial training is complete, there is a clear progression laid out by the school, with students able to attend packing courses, canopy handling courses, jump master and formation skydiving courses. All designed to give a constructive progression for students heading towards their B licence. They are also able to do fun jumps in this time, if they want to practice their skills on their own, or just go for a giggle. For experienced fliers, there is further progression into free fly, wings it and tracking courses, so you can continue to learn and develop under the same instructors. The drop zone itself, as previously mentioned, provides a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With people coming and going at different times, and at different stages in their skydiving journey, you very quickly make alot of new friends. Many of these will be there on return trips, and you will meet them at other drop zones, so it welcomes you not only to Ocaña, but opens the door to the skydiving community as a whole. I've been there a couple of times now. My first week long trip, turned into just over a month... And having just come back from my second, I am planning my third. Ocaña is a wonderful place. I look forward to spending alot of time there in the future. Pros: Friendly, open, welcoming, experienced staff with good resources and excellent instruction Cons: I don't live there


  • I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the package which you kindly arranged for me; it was hassle free and very much appreciated. I have recommended your company to friends who are interested in learning how to skydive.


  • I usually only give feedback in extreme circumstances, but this is surely one of it: FFU exceeded all my expectations!!! I will try to detail my FFU experience below: 1. Trip preparation • Really good contact and collaboration with you. Timely replies and support during the process • Appreciate the entire package offered (flight booking, local transportation, accommodation, etc) • Thank you for send me the training material – really helped during ground school 2. Local transportation • George is absolutely fantastic. Great attitude and very supportive 3. Accommodation (have chosen the apartment) • Very clean and tidy • Close to the hotel and the “center” • Hot as hell – please consider installing AC, at least in the lounge J • Would definitely choose the apartment again, due to the socialization and interaction factor. 4. Ground school • I must admit that I have never met a person like Phil before – able to deliver the same training, day by day, and still keep his enthusiasm. When under the canopy (and especially under a line twisted canopy) you come to really appreciate the length and excessive practices performed during GS. I had a really nasty twist during jump 6 – Ryan though that I will cut away – but thanks to Phil’s training I managed to keep calm and fix it before the critical altitude. • Although not really appreciated at the moment, it’s a really good idea not to jump in the same day with GS – it gives you the time to proper assimilate the new info. 5. AFF jumps • Have done them with Ryan – the think I appreciated the most is his Safety mindset. • Due to his calm, willingness to teach and share from his experience, going thru lesson learned after each jump and practicing on the ground for the next, I have managed to pass all my levels on the 1st go. • Could not have asked for more from a AFF teacher and a professional skydiver! • PS: really appreciate the jumpsuit are decent and don’t have silly colors! 6. Dropzone • Exceeded my expectations. Really nicely organized, clean and tidy, plus offering everything you might need • Plus: the proximity to the swimming pool • The food is terrible, everything is swimming in oil… If I would need to prioritize something, I would improve the quality of the food. Would even let go of the apartment’s AC for proper non-oily food. • I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of staff – and by staff I mean everyone (manifest team, shop team, AFF team, everyone!) Please pass my thanks and congratulations to the entire team – I had a great experience during my trip and I am already planning my return. Best regards


  • This experience is amazing, and I dont mean only the feeling of flying, the social environment is amazing! Instructors, staff, other students, friends... they are now like my family. You are all the best and I will never forget the lessons that this sport has taught me, and "how you look at life from earth with people from the skies", I will never forget you, see you on our next jump...!

    Pablo Lopez Postigo