Basic AFF course

+ Licence and third party insurance

+ 3 extra JUMPS

by just 1.655€


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In just 4 days you could safely learn to JUMP by yourself, and enjoy the freefalling experience as a CERTIFIED skydiver

AFF promo summer camp

More than 290€ discount

What’s included?
– Ground School
– Manual
– 7 AFF jumps with your instructors
– Quarterly License including third party insurance *
– Goggles for free!
– 3 EXTRA consolidation jumps (including rig rental)

Make your reservation NOW by paying 120€ and enjoy the AFF SUMMER CAMP offer completing the course on the selected dates

* in case of annual license, valid until December 31st 2020, the total price would be just 1.724€

Jorge Cremades

He also did it

Lots of famous trusted in Skydive Madrid and shared our BLUE SKIES with us. Take a look at this video if you want to check how these experience is, your moment is NOW!