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For an effective learning process good equipment is essential. At Skydive Madrid safety comes first therefore we work with only the best skydiving equipment manufacturers in the world. Here you can learn details of the equipment we use for both student training and tandem skydives.

Tandem parachute

Our tandem parachutes are UPT Vector Sigma containers with HOP 330 canopies.

Skydive Madrid works with the best equipment which is why our tandem parachutes are Vector Micro Sigmas from the leading U.S. manufacturer UPT. We use the HOP 330 canopy manufactured by Jojo Wings. These canopies are known for their soft openings and gentle, safe landings. Due to this your safety on tandem skydives is fully guaranteed.

Student parachute

Our student parachutes are Wings containers with PD Navigator canopies.

At Skydive Madrid AFF school we work with the best possible equipment for our students. That's why we use Wings Student from the prestigious U.S. manufacture Sunrise Rigging International with PD Navigator student canopies from the world leading U.S. manufacturer Performance Designs. These canopies are very safe and stable, perfect for learning to skydive.


AFF school jumpsuits.

The jumpsuits in our AFF school are made by Nec Suit. These suits perfect for learning skydiving in a safe way and it's use is essential. Wearing a one-piece jumpsuit prevents clothing from restricting use of the parachute and covering the operating handles. This is why during your AFF course up until obtaining the 'A' License, use of a jumpsuit is mandatory.


Our Viplo FT-50 altimeters clearly displays altitude and will be your reference while in the air.

Our Viplo FT-50 school altimeters are indispensable in skydiving and will be your altitude reference while in the air. During the course the altimeter will allow you to safely learn all the skills necessary in order to jum by yourself. You will be ready to perform the required manoeuvres dependant on the altitude indicated on the altimeter, such as continuing free fall, opening your parachute or landing in a safe and precise manner

Student radios

Our student radios will assist you with your landings during the AFF course.

We use Motarola radios in our AFF school. With these radios your instructor is able to maintain contact with you after you open your parachute. The instructor will land and can then guide you safely through your first landings in order to teach you the necessary skills in this important part of the skydive.


Goggles for skydiving.

When you sign up for one of our courses you will receive goggles as a gift. They will protect your eyes from the wind during free fall allowing you a clear view of what's happening around you.


Our school helmets to protect your head.

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