Learn to fly with wings! If you want to learn to fly a wingsuit or simply improve your technique with the wingsuit, in Skydive MADRID you will find the course you are looking for. Our advanced training center for skydivers puts at your disposal the best human and material equipment so that you can learn and improve the flight technique with a wingsuit.

What previous experience do I need?

It is recommended for a skydiver to do at least 200 free fall jumps in the previous 18 months to begin the FFC (first fly wingsuit course) with a wingsuit instructor. The first flying will be a one to one with an instructor. Skydivers with more than 500 jumps will be able to fly alone on their first jump after completing the theory formation with his instructor.

FFC (First Flying Course)

Wingsuits are made of the same material as modern parachutes. This material with zero porosity (don’t let air thru) allow the suite to inflate setting up like a wing. The skydiver wearing the suit becomes the skeleton of the wing. Moving arms and legs provides rigidity to the wing, allowing fast ascendant and advancing movements. Includes Theory formation, introduction and knowledge about the equipment, atmospheric conditions, becoming familiar with the pins, flight design / safety.

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