Our SUPER Team

Lets know our team

Meet the team of professionals that make all this possible: instructors, pilots, and all the ground staff that make up Skydive Madrid.

All our team and teaching methods point in only one direction, getting our customers to the sky, who can not be considered crazy just flyers. Something we all have in common is our passion for the Air.

Whatever your motivation is, COME and see what it is about.

Teresa Juárez

Commercial Officer


Senior Tandem Instructor

Félix Álvarez

General Manager

Danny Fraiz

Tandem Instrcutor and Cameraman

Ramón Tomé

Marketing Manager

Álex García

Senior Packer

Leticia Elvira

Office Manager

Iñaki Bilbao

Founding Partner

Óscar Castroviejo

Pilots Manager

Vicente Horcajuelo

AFF and Tandem Instructor, Cameraman

Nasko Turlakov

Master Rigging

Pedro García

General Services Manager