Tandem Skydive

Your first free fall experience

It is one of the most practiced modalities in the world, to experience the free fall without having become a skydiver.

The tandem skydiving consists in jumping with a special parachute for two people attaching the tandem passenger with a harness to an experimented instructor.

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Become a Skydiver

Skydiving courses

To become a skydiver you will have to complete the Accelerated Free fall Course (AFF). This type of training is considered worldwide as the most effective way of introducing yourself into the skydiving sport

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Skydive Coaching

In our Drop Zone you will find the best EXPERTS from each of the disciplines, with whom practicing, improving and learning the necessary skills to stand out: contact us!


On completion of your AFF course you will be ready to jump on your own. Afterwards you’ll have to performed several solo ‘consolidation’ jumps and then you can move onto the next step: the ‘A’ License. This license will allow you to jump with other skydivers.

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Whether you want to become a more accurate and safer canopy pilot, or if you want to learn high-performance landings or competition skills, here at Skydive MADRID you will find all the training options you need.

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At our Freefly School we offer training 1-on-1 , teams and events organized with expert instructors in this modern discipline of Skydiving. From the basic level to the most advanced one you can take your fly to the next step.

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If you want to learn how to fly a Wingsuit or simply improve your Wingsuit skills, at Skydive MADRID you can take initiation, advanced and personalized courses guaranteeing your the most appropriate learning for your level of experience.

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