AFF Course

To become a skydiver you will have to complete the Accelerated Free Fall course. This type of training is worldwide considered as the most effective way of introducing yourself into the Skydiving Sport.

What is an AFF course?

To become a skydiver you will have to complete the Accelerated Free Fall course. This training method started to be used in the 80s and is considered worldwide as the most effective way to introduce yourself into the skydiving sport. After only seven jumps, you will be able to jump by yourself safely. The AFF course ( accelerated free fall ) is orientated to begin skydiving from zero. A few days of maximum adrenalin are waiting for you, during which you will learn to enjoy of Skydiving in a Safe way. Are you ready to FLY at more than 200 km/h?

What does it consist of?

Along the AFF course you will do a series of jumps (in which you will enjoy of 50 seconds of free fall) accompanied by your instructors. Two instructors will jump with you during the first three jumps, in which you will practice the basic free fall position. One instructor will fly with you during the last four levels to show you advanced maneuvers like turns, spins and movements.

Do I need previous experience?

To do this course you don’t need any previous experience in skydiving, you don’t even need to have done a tandem jump before, you just need the illusion to FLY and be confident, you will share the air with birds, and you will have an easy flight until landing


To do the AFF course you will have to reach the following requirements:

Older than 16 years

Minors will need authorization of their father / mother or legal guardian accompanied by the minors documentation (DNI / Passport).


By regulations of the Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation, a basic Medical Certificate will be requested to verify that the student is in good health.

Weigh less than 100 Kg

For SAFETY reasons: if you weigh more than 100kgs unfortunately you will NOT be able to jump. Contact us if you have any questions about it.