On completion of your AFF course you will be ready to jump by your own. After you have performed several solo ‘consolidation’ jumps you can move onto the next step; the ‘A’ License. This license will allow you to jump with other skydivers.

What does it consist of?

After finishing your AFF course you are ready to jump alone. Once you finish your consolidation jumps we will start with your next step, the A license. This license allows you to jump with other skydivers, learning all the basics for your first formation jumps. The course includes a ground school where you will learn new things about your equipment, formation flight techniques, new knowledge about dropzone run overs and airplanes, we will also go thru basic knowledge. Once finished the theory part we will begin with the practice, we will start skydiving to test the new skills learned, you will be able to approach your instructor, change your drop rate and finally get away from your instructor to open your parachute in a safe way.

How long does it take to get A license?

The course is divided in two parts, the ground school can be done in a morning and the jumps can be done the same day or the next day. Once you reach all the requisites, you will have your A license and you will be ready to do your first jumps with other skydivers.

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