Our two skydiving centers have everything you need to be able to practice your favorite sport in the most comfortable and functional way.


Packing Area

We have a 500 sq/m hangar to pack your parachute and prepare for jumping.

Terrace and cafeteria

Our terrace and cafeteria is the perfect place to wait for your jump and to see family and friends.

Swimming pool

We have a big swimming pool to make those hot summer days more enjoyable.

AFF School

Spaces conditioned and equipped with everything you need to learn with the best materials and enjoy during your skydiving course.

Chill Out

In our chillout space you will enjoy the good vibes in the center with your friends.


Our two planes - Caravan and Pilatus - with capacity for 18 and 10 people respectively, are permanently in the dropzone.


Packing Area

400 sq/m hangar with carpet floor to pack the parachutes. Throughout its perimeter there are hangers and shelves so you can leave your equipment.

Landing Area

Large area of ​​natural grass for tandem landings and additional landing areas with large fields of plowed land for skydivers

Rigging Loft

We have all kind of sewing machines to make any type of repair, including major modifications to harnesses and containers.

Gear Rental

At our kitstore, we have a wide range of rental parachutes for all levels of experience with main canopies from 300 to 150 foot

Team Rooms

We have team rooms for all those trying to advance in this sport, from the initiated to the highly competitive teams.


Our Pilatus Turbo Porter is one of the fastest and strongest in Spain, allowing us to have a fast rotation between loads.