Make your dream of flying come true with Skydive MADRID!

We are a reference for skydiving in Spain and Europe. Our club is made up of the two parachute jumping areas in the capital: Ocaña and Lillo dropzone.

With the experience provided by each of dropzones over the years, more excellent facilities, instructors of recognized international prestige, parachutes manufactured by the most prominent companies in the sector and strict with safety, accompanied by a powerful fleet of 3 aircraft, Skydive MADRID joins efforts to offer the best possible experience to our customers.

We are endorsed by more than 500,000 thousand jumps, the experience of having performed thousands of tandem jumps and trained thousands of students.

Our instructors team is formed by qualified professionals with years of experience in the world of skydiving and thousands of jumps in different modalities. But, above all, they are passionate people about this sport that will help you have fun to the fullest by performing a tandem jump, teaching you to fly if you want to become a skydivers or improve your skills as an athlete.

Our club is more than a skydiving center, it is a great family where passengers, students and skydivers have found a home and a place to spend their leisure time enjoying the quality of our facilities, the safety of our equipment, our spacious and safe landing areas and great vibes.

Every day you will meet not only people from Madrid and the rest of Spain, but also people from all corners of the world with whom you can share your experience.

We are internationally recognized by the FAI (World Air Sports Federation), by the RFAE (Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation) and by the FAM (Madrid Air Federation), as well as other international organizations such as the USPA (United States Parachute Association).


Come jump with us and you will see why Skydive MADRID is different!


Ocaña DZ, was founded in 1992, since then, it has grown both nationally and internationally since its origins, incorporating the best professionals and training thousands of people. Together with Freefall University Spain, it has developed a leading European International School for training new skydivers.


Lillo DZ was opened in 2000 although the founders started skydiving in the late 1960s and have since been linked to the teaching and training of thousands of skydivers who have subsequently achieved great achievements internationally . The improvement of our athletes has led us to obtain recognition as a High Performance Center by the Spanish Higher Sports Council.