Why Skydive MADRID?

Thousands of Tandems and hundreds of students from all over the world come to our center annually to begin skydiving, and remain with us to continue their progression.

Not only for our planes, staff or technical team, but also for our complete facilities, for the proximity of our two jump areas perfectly connected and communicated by large motorways, both less than 1 hour south of Madrid, by our spacious and safe landing area, our Mediterranean climate and also beacuase our character, cordiality and closeness.

If you really want to enjoy good jumps, with a pleasant atmosphere, good weather and sun … #ComeJump with us!


We are a member of the main national and international skydiving organizations: FAI (World Air Sports Federation) RFAE (Spanish Air Federation) FAM (Madrid Air Federation)) and USPA (United States Parachute Association).


Wide catalog of skydiving material from the best and most prominent brands on the market: containers, main canopies, altimeters, skydiving suits, helmets, goggles ... What you need to enjoy your experience and all this constantly updated and revised.


Our basic tool, the aircrafts: we have 2 Pilatus Porters equipped with the most powerful turbines and a Cessna Caravan 208-B, with capacity for 10 and 18 skydivers respectively, which would allow us to carry out formations up to 38 freefall skydivers.


We have Coach, AFF and Tandem examiner instructors from RAFE, FAM and USPA, with capacity to train new professionals skydivers. At Skydive MADRID you can develope your sports career with our highly qualified technical staff.


Whatever your interest in skydive is, you will find it at Skydive MADRID. We have the best instructors in all disciplines of skydiving: Tandem, Formation Skydiving, Freefly, Canopy Control, Track, Angle and Wingsuit. Many of them skydivers outstanding nationally and internationally.

Human Team

We are passionate skydivers with our sport and we constantly try to transmit our illusion every day, and pass you our joy while you are in our DZ's so that you live a great experience full of smiles, good vibes and, a lot of calm.