Would you like to improve your canopy flight skills? Canopy Control is one of the most complex parts of skydiving, in Skydive MADRID we have a course specially designed to improve your skills, no matter what experience you have, the course is adapt to your own skills. You will learn all the necessary skills to achieve more safe and efficient landings.

Which is the objective of the course?

This course is orientated to every skydiver with more or less experience that want to refresh or improve their knowledge about this important feature of skydiving. First of all you will have a theory part were you will learn all the basics of your canopy, then you will have to do 10 jumps that will be recorded to analyze landing maneuvers with your instructor.

What previous experience do I need?

There is no need of previous experience, you just need to have finished your AFF course. The canopy course is highly recommended for any skydiver no matter his experience, the course adapts to all levels, from recently graduated skydivers to experienced skydivers that wish to improve their landing techniques with high performance canopies.

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